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Lesson No. 1 Potential of ICT - Additional Questions

Lesson No. 1 Potential of ICT
Fill in the blanks / MCQ

1)  WWW stands for World Wide Web
2)  The term Knowledge Society refers to a society where knowledge is the primary production resource.
3)  The data sent over a network are broken down into small packets and wrapped with shipping and assembly instructions called protocols.
4)  Knowledge society generally refers to a society where knowledge is the primary production resource.
5)  Education is of huge importance in the knowledge society as an engine for socio-economic development
6)  Educators will need to mentor and guide learners in the ICT environment.
7)  WWW is updating the knowledge warehouses for student, teachers and scientists due to tremendous progress in ICT.
8)  The Internet is the Information Highway.
9)  ICT is important in creating knowledge societies.
10)  ICT is changing the role of teachers to mentors.
11)  ICT is a mixture of computer technology and communication technology.
12)  Knowledge society attributes include abilities to think critically and communicate and collaborate.
13)  ICT can be defined as the use of hardware and software for efficient management of information.

True or False

1)  ICT works on the request-response model.  True
2)  ICT is the new technology for communication.  False
3)  ICT is helping development of societies and nations.  True
4)  International network of networks is called the browser.  False
5)  Global information and communications networks include network other than the Internet.   True
6)  Education cannot be an engine for socio-economic development.  False
7)  Video Conference is used for single person at a time.  False
8)  NIC District Centres in Maharashtra are connected to the national NICNET with 34 Mbps leased lines.   False

Answer the following
i)  Write any two new roles of educators to promote literacy.
Ans. 1) Learner:  A learner must constantly update his/her knowledge and skills to remain competitive, since their is rapid development in the field of science and technology.
2) Planner: Proper planning and execution is necessary to ensure that future generation is equipped with the skills to derive maximum benefit from the use of ICT.
3) Examiner: With the help of ICT, Teachers can have online test, assignments for the students. The evaluation results, test papers, can be posted online.

ii) Write a note on NIC in Maharashtra/ Video conference facility in Maharashtra government offices.

Videoconferencing (or video conference) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions.
National Informatics Centre (NIC) provides network NICNET, backbone and e-governance support to all government organizations.
NIC Maharashtra Centre has set up a secured computer  communication network which provides round-the-clock computer and communication services to the departments or State government and Central Government.
This network is connected to 35 NIC District Centres in Maharashtra with 2 Mbps leased lines. Mumbai is connected to Delhi with 34 Mbps link
NIC District Centres are providing computer and communication services to the District Administration Offices.