SSC BOARD EXAM ICT Practical P6 - To create a PowerPoint presentation on Impact of ICT in Education

Practical Name: To create a Power Point Presentation on ‘Impact of ICT in Education’.
Tools/Software: Computer and MS PowerPoint 2007 Application
Description/Theory: MS PowerPoint is most popular Presentation software. PowerPoint provides numerous features that offer flexibility and the ability to create a professional presentation with animation effects, sound effects, background music playback, record voice for narration, etc. We can also broadcast the presentation to specific users via a link and Windows Live.
This Presentation describes the way ICT has made a place in the field of Education and changed the teaching and learning process
1)         Gather important points on the Impacts of ICT on education from your text book. Jot down the content of each slide (about 8 to 12 slides)
2)         Download images for your presentation using  Google image search as per the slide content.
3)         Start Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Click on the Start button, Select All Programs, Click on Microsoft Office sub menu and click on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
4)         Create the Slide Master --> On View tab, click the Slide Master button. Select the top slide in the hierarchy on the left pane and apply theme and background styles. In the hierarchy, delete the slide layouts that you will be not using. In the Slide master click on the Preserve button and then click on Close Master View button.
5)         A first slide with Title Slide layout appears on the screen.
6)         Click on the placeholders and enter the Title “Impacts of ICT in Education” and in the subtitle enter school name and your name.
7)         Insert a new slide by clicking on the down arrow of the New Slide icon in the Slides group on the Home ribbon. From the dropdown gallery of slide layouts, select the suitable layout.
8)         Insert pictures, word art and shapes from the Insert ribbon.
9)         Apply Formatting to the textual content like font, size, effects, highlight color, font color, etc..
10)      You can change the background for a particular slide by selecting Background Styles from Design Ribbon.
11)      Apply Slide Transition to the slides from the Animations ribbon, select appropriate transition speed, sound and advance slide timings.
12)      Apply Custom Animation effects to the place holders, text boxes and pictures. Select the object, Click on Custom Animation in the Animations ribbon, choose the effects by clicking on Add effect button. Select the options like Start, direction, Speed for individual animation effect.
13)      Subsequently add new slides and save the presentation.
14)      To run the slide show, click the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon and click the From Beginning button in the Start Slide Show group.
Result: PowerPoint presentation containing 8 to 12 slides containing graphics and animation effects is created.