Friday, 15 January 2016

Lesson No. 6 Geogebra

1. Explain any two parts of the GeoGebra screen.
Ans. The main parts of the GeoGebra screen are :

a) Algebra View : This part of the GeoGebra screen lists the algebraic representations of all the mathematical objects created.

b) Graphic View : It is the main work area in which geometric objects are constructed or displayed.

c) Input bar : It contains a text box in which algebraic inputs - e.g. values, coordinates, equation, etc. as well as commands can be typed. there is also a drop down list boxu of all the GeoGebra commands.

2. Give two methods in GeoGebra to find mean, median and mode of a given list.
Ans. To find mean, median and mode of a list of sample date, the list may be created in two ways in GeoGebra, namely using the input bar of the Spreadsheet View.

Method 1 : In the input field of the Input bar, type the sample data as a comma delimited list within braces
Method 2 : Enable the Spreadsheet View from the View menu. Enter the data in the first column or row. Select all the data by dragging the mouse, and select Create List from the right-click context menu.

Suppose a list has been created with a name L1. To find the mean, median and mod of the list, type each command  with the list name enclosed within square brackets in the Input bar.


and press enter key. The Algebra view displays the values under dependent objects.

3. Give the uses of the following tools in GeoGebra.