SSC BOARD EXAM ICT Practical P4 - Create a simple document using Wordprocessor in an Indian Language making using of an Unicode font

Practical Name: Create a simple document using Word Processor in an Indian Language (Marathi/Hindi) making use of an Unicode font.
Tools/Software: Windows Computer with Unicode Fonts installed and Word Processing Software and Google Input Tools
Theory: Google Input Tools for Windows is an input method editor which allows users to enter text in any of the supported languages using a Latin (English / QWERTY) keyboard. Users can type a word the way it sounds using Latin characters and Google Input Tools for Windows will convert the word to its native script. Available input tools include transliteration, IME, and on-screen keyboards. Google Input Tools for Windows is currently available for 22 different languages
1)         Click the Start button and go to Control Panel.
2)         Double-click on Region and Language Options.
3)         Click on Languages, choose Change keyboard.
4)         Click the Add button and choose the input language as Devanagiri Inscript Marathi/Hindi
5)         Then click on Apply button.
6)         Under Preferences, click Language Bar.
7)         Select the Show the Language bar on the desktop check box.
8)         Again click on Apply button and Click on OK.
9)         Start a Word Processing Software like MS Word.
10)      Click the Language bar and Choose the language as Marathi and Start typing the paragraph.

Result: A paragraph from Marathi Textbook is typed in MS Word document.

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